The ISAAC Solar Icemaker significantly lowers the cost of small-scale off-grid icemaking, and is powered entirely by
sunlight. The ISAAC can support microenterprises in rural communities of developing nations. Many income-generating
opportunities are lost due to the unavailability of refridgeration, because these communities have no access to ice for food
preservation. The ISAAC provides ice at low price and high dependability and offers these community-based enterprises
new opportunities to not only remain viable, but to become profitable!

APPLICATION TO RURAL DEVELOPMENT The ISAAC provides a means to stop spoilage and to transport food to more
lucrative markets. In many locations, fish are smoked by wood from forests that are severely stressed by supply of fuel
wood. The ISAAC will decrease the need for wood for smoking. Also the ISAAC does not depend on ozone depleting
refrigerants or environmentally dangerous lead batteries. The activities supported by ice are involved with food handling,
which culturally has remained primarily in the realm of women's activities. The ability to refridgerate the harvest can free
many women and children up from what can be up to 8 hours a day of firewood collection, as previously villages villages
had to boil the afternoon milk or smoke the fish to maintain saleability, but the process requires much wood and labor and
the product still has lowered quality. The advent of ready refridgeration frees women to pursue other valuable activities.

REMOTE HEALTH CLINICS The ISAAC will freeze icepacks and provide ice for other uses. With the refridgeration ISAAC
provides, vaccines and medicines can be kept on hand for treatment of the local population. The impact this can have in
combination with established health and relief efforts is formidable, and offers much to the health and well-being of the
local community, and extends to the general populace as well.

THE ISAAC GENERATES INCOME The ISAAC makes approximately 50 kg of ice per day. Most productive applications of ice
will generate sufficient income to pay for the system is a reasonably short period. Annual maintenance is minor, and
system lifetime is very long. It can be owned at the village level. Thus it creates income and employment for rural citizens.

THE ISAAC ENHANCES THE COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE Each ISAAC is estimated to be able to add $17.00 per day to
the locally community, based on the value of food that can now be refridgerated and added to the local marketplace. For
each ISAAC, 2 jobs are created in the community, to transport and sell the saved food. Increased community revenues
mean more funds for the local infrastructure. If managed at a community level, this economic power can deliver
improvements to infrastructure that are vitally needed for the local security and growth, such as roads and utilities.
ISAAC can make a difference!
For more detailed information about the ISAAC, and find out how to bring the Solar Ice Initiative
into your community, please e-mail
Carl Erickson at Government and
Corporate inquiries welcome.
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